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Eliche Radice was founded at the beginning of the last century (in 1919) and the company is still owned today by the Radice family. The company structure in Italy is developed over 50,000 m², of which 15,000 m² is covered, and is made up of around 85 employees. The range of products which Eliche Radice is able to provide includes not only the propellers, but also the different components of the whole propulsion system starting from the gearbox coupling flange to the rudder. Traction or propulsive FPP, for manoeuvring systems, blades and hubs for CCP propellers, propeller shafts and relative brackets, seals, fixed or directional nozzles, hydro lubricated bearings and rudders.

Rudders are approved by RINA according with pleasure craft rules, and they are qualified for installation on boats with CE homologation. All rudders are manufactured by Mibral and Ot.Man alloys and the special stainless AISI 316 and V174.

MIBRAL: Rm>650 N/mm2 Rp 0.2%>245 N/mm2 A5d>16%
OT.MAN: Rm>510 N/mm2 Rp 0.2%>200 N/mm2 A5d>22%

The standard production, which includes a wide complete range of rudder types, has been studied and tested from this point of view and is particularly suitable for vessels either with V-shaped and flat keels, for speed up to 50 knots. The mounting can be carried out both under the vessel and on the transom, either flat and inclined. A particular and accurate design allows their easy and quick mounting on vessels, without stripping them out completely, but just taking the lever away.

  • As a general indication, we advise the following rudder types:

    • for vessels from 5 to 8 mt = 12/6P-V, 16/7P-V-S
    • for vessels from 8 to 12 mt = 16/7P-V-S, 14/10P-V-S, 16/11P-V-S, 25/11P, 16/13P-V-S
    • for vessels from 12 to 17 mt = 56/13P, 50/18P = 17/15P-V-S, 45/16P-V, 45/19P-V, 45/20P-V, 43/20P-V-S
    • for vessels from 17 to 20 mt = 43/24S, 78/24P-V, 78/24PL-VL, 36/30P-V
    • for vessels from 20 to 30 mt= 38/35P-V, 38/40P-V, 38/50P-V, 42/70P, 70/38S, 38/40S, 38/50S
  • Series construction guarantees remarkable technical and mechanical advantages:

    • lower costs compared with those of the traditional artisan construction
    • easy choice for the designer, who has at his disposal a wide range of rudders suitable for any hull type and size 
    • spare parts interchangeability, particularly convenient for prototypes during the experimental period 
    • easy replacement of the spare parts without the intervention of skilled staff 
    • no maintenance required 
    • stock availability.

    NOTE: On demand can be supplied Steel or Aluminium Rudder Case.

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